HoB Important Areas

HoB Important Areas

The important area in the Heart of Borneo consists of…

What You Can Do?

HoB area has the functions and carrying capacity of the environment that are important for 15 million people in Borneo.…


  • Universitas Nasional (Unas)

    Universitas Nasional (Unas)

    National University (Unas) is one of university in Jakarta which belong to the partners in the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Program. This university is a university that cares about the environment, especially in areas that are rich in biodiversity. Unas is the HoB’s partners who have  important contributed to defend and preserve the HoB’s area for survival together.

    Unas feels to save the children nation’s future by finding an appropriate model based on environmental or nature conservation in the border area. Among other find the right model of livelihood for people in border areas so as not to damage…

  • Bogor Agricultural University

    Bogor Agricultural University

    Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) becomes one of Heart of Borneo (HoB)‘s partner from several university in Indonesia. Hob with IPB can establish cooperation in the sector of environment or nature conservation. IPB can realize the goal of HoB initiative through research and scientific discoveries about conservation. IPB is very important in helping the government to implement HoB’ program.

  • Universitas Tanjungpura (Untan)

    Universitas Tanjungpura (Untan)

    Tanjungpura University (Untan) has conducted research at Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya National Park. UNTAN examined on seven kinds of flora and fauna that exist in every 200 meters height of the hill. Research’s purpose is to get data of national park’s biodiversity that fall into clusters of Muller Swaner mountain. The research is closely linked to the interests of Heart of Borneo (HoB), which became a conservation program in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei Darussalam.

  • Palangkaraya University (Unpar)

    Palangkaraya University (Unpar)

    Universitas Palangka Raya (Unpar) is the biggest modern, comprehensive, open, and multicultural university in town of Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan which includes large knowledge disciplines. Geographically, Unpar has two separated campus, Campus Yos Sudarso and Campus Kartini. Most faculties are at Yos Sudarso with the area nearly 53,000 ha (including educational forest) with green atmosphere campus as only 5% of the area used as academic, research and student activities. For about 95% of Unpar region is green area in the form of town forest of Palangka Raya, an area which promises quiet traditional academic nuance.

  • Mulawarman University

    Mulawarman University

    Mulawarman University is a university of international standard are able to participate in nation building through education, research, and community service that relies on natural resources (SDA), particularly the tropical rain forest and its environment. Between development go hand in hand with the environment can be established if there is a harmonious relationship between man and man with nature. Program Heart of Borneo (HoB) is a program to preserve and conserve the environment in Borneo. Unmul is partnered with HoB to realize the goal of Hob initiative.