HoB Important Areas

HoB Important Areas

The important area in the Heart of Borneo consists of…

What You Can Do?

HoB area has the functions and carrying capacity of the environment that are important for 15 million people in Borneo.…


  • 04 Sep : The 7th Trilateral Meeting of HoB at Brunei Darussalam

    The 7th HoB Trilateral Meeting this year held at Brunei Darussalam on 4th-5th September 2013. Each HoB country will present the progress for 5 years (2008-2013). Some important issues will be discussed in the meeting; Trans boundary Protected Area Management (TbPA) linked to Ecotourism and sustainable development through Green Economy approach. In addition, this meeting aimed to develop HoB Initiative future plans for the next five years (2014-2019).