HoB Important Areas

HoB Important Areas

The important area in the Heart of Borneo consists of…

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HoB area has the functions and carrying capacity of the environment that are important for 15 million people in Borneo.…


  • Vision & Mission of HoB

    Vision & Mission of HoB

    Vision that to be achieved through the Heart of Borneo initiative is the establishment of effective management and conservation in the equatorial rain forests of the Heart of Borneo that includes 24 million acres through a network of protected areas, forest production and sustainable land use, which benefit people and nature, through international cooperation led by the respective state governments in Borneo, which is supported by industry and sustained global effort.

    The mission of Heart of Borneo area management are as follows:
    1. By 2020, a 24 million hectare mosaic of protected areas,  transboundary reserves, and sustainably managed corridors and buffer zones to ensure the future of all HoB priority species and endemism hotspots is established.
    2. By 2020 there is a zero rate of conversion of high conservation value natural forests to other land use in the HoB.
    3. By 2020, long-term financing mechanisms provide diversified and equitable benefits for local communities and governments, and enhance ecosystem goods and services.