• Ecotourism Management

    Development of ecotourism is expected to be main focus for socio-economic development within the HoB areas. Relating to this, the development of the ecotourism in the HoB area has to be developed in accordance with the respective countries tourism plan.
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    Ecotourism Management
  • Gunung Lumut

    Kompes is a a traditional game. The goal of the game is to test the guts of the men in martial battle. Before the match is started, the competition begins with a dance performed by the referee who will also…
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    Gunung Lumut
  • Transboundary Management

    The three countries aware of the different land use activities along the border. Therefore it is important for the three participating countries to enhance transboundary collaboration through the HoB initiative for a better management of the forest and other land…
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    Transboundary Management
  • Protected Areas Management

    The role of protected areas becomes increasingly important to withstand the high pressure on the Borneo rainforest. Hence, effective management of protected areas is vital to conserve the biological richness in the protected areas.
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    Protected Areas Management
  • Gunung Lumut

    Taking firewood for activities for the rice harvest celebration--"Belian Krewayu" --held in March 2011. The harvest this year was pretty good. The firewood was taken to make Panta which is made from young glutinous rice seeds. Roasting of the seeds…
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    Gunung Lumut
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HoB Important Areas

HoB Important Areas

The important area in the Heart of Borneo consists of…

What You Can Do?

HoB area has the functions and carrying capacity of the environment that are important for 15 million people in Borneo.…

Heart of Borneo

Heart of Borneo or the heart of Borneo is a program of conservation and sustainable development in the Indonesia-Malaysia border in Kalimantan or Borneo, and also includes parts of Brunei Darussalam. This program has been agreed between the three countries to be managed based on the principles of conservation and sustainable development. The term of the Heart of Borneo or HoB then used as the name of a three-country initiative that has been declared proficiency level since February 12, 2007. HoB initiative brings programs of conservation and sustainable development set out in the Strategic Plan Action/SPA.


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  • Kick Andy on Location: Inspiration from The Heart of Borneo

    Kick Andy on Location: Inspiration from The Heart of Borneo

    A strong message from the peoples at the border of Malaysia and Indonesia in Krayan, “Better to put friendship first, than exacerbated the differences” (Lebih baik mengedepankan kebersamaan, daripada memperuncing keadaan)

    In January 2013, a prominent talk show program, Kick Andy, run by Indonesian national TV station, MetroTV,  made a special feature on the Heart of Borneo. For five days, the Kick Andy team stayed in location in , Krayan, Malinau, East Kalimantan, the border area between Malaysia and Indonesia that has seemingly been ‘left behind’ and untouched by development. The state administrative boundaries are not dividing its peoples who have lived side by side for  hundreds of years ago and  have been sharing cultures and history of Lun Dayeh-Kelabit-Lun Bawang-Sa’ban, regardless of their comparatively recent country boundaries.

    The show hosted by Andy F. Noya centered on the community struggle to maintain its environment and culture led by…